Skip the Line

KISS Productions is proud to announce our brand new karaoke contest! This is a one night competition that will be held approximately every five weeks.


  1. Each competition will have a different genre or theme and judging criteria may vary depending on the genre / theme (Be sure to watch for the criteria for each competition.) Chosen song must fit the genre / theme.
  2. There will be a $15 entry fee per competitor and a maximum of 12 men & 12 women for each competition. The entry fees will be split evenly between the first place winners (even if there is an unequal number of entrants).
  3. Second and third place pricing will vary from venue to venue.
  4. In addition to the cash, the first place winners will have use of the "Skip the Line" belt until the next competition and must agree to make at least three (3) appearances at KISS shows while they are the belt holder, as well as being present to pass off hte belt to the next winners.
  5. The "Skip the Line" belt entitles the holder to be the next singer in line at any KISS show and keep that place in the rotation (the belt MUST be present and the host will display the belt for the duration of the time the holder is in the venue).
  6. First place winners will have the right to "defend" the belt once, but should they be successful (i.e. win tiwce), they will need to "sit out" for at least the next two (2) competitions to give other competitors a chance.
  7. Competitors must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and legally able to enter drinking establishments.
  8. Regular KISS hosts are not eligible to enter and employees of a venue may not enter at their own venue.
  9. All competitors will sing one (1) song and at least the top five* (5) will sing a second song. (* May be up to 6 depending on judges' decision.
  10. Check in will be 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  11. Pre-registration begins the day after a contest and up to the start of the competition you're registering for (depending on availability).